Credit by Examination for Acceleration for Grades K-12

  • Credit by Examination for Acceleration will be offered to students enrolled in the district four times a year.

    The district shall administer the Credit by Examination for acceleration for all exams (grades 1-12) on one date in November, March, June and August in a location set by the Superintendent or designee.

    The Deputy Superintendent for Educational Operations will announce the dates and locations during the first meeting of the Board of Trustees in January.  Applications for testing can be requested from the school counselor on the campus where students are enrolled and must be filled out and returned to the school counselor  no later than the deadlines listed below:

    • September 29, 2023 – for November testing
    • January 26, 2024 – for March testing
    • April 26, 2024 – for June testing
    • May 24, 2024 – for August testing

    Students transferring into the district after the summer testing deadlines will have one additional testing opportunity in September.  The deadline for this administration is August 23, 2023 – for the 2023-2024 school year.  Applications for this test administration will ONLY be accepted for students who are NEW to the district and for Kindergarten Acceleration.

    We have firm deadlines because of time requirements to order and receive tests.


    Eligibility Requirements

    Kindergarten Acceleration is offered to students enrolled in the HEB ISD Kindergarten program.

    Students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st.

    Students must score 80% or higher on both (Language Arts and Math) exams to accelerate to the first grade.

    Students in grades one through twelve:

    • Must be enrolled in the district.
    • Must have had no prior formal instruction.
    • Must not have previously taken the credit by examination for the grade level courses requested.
    • Must have been in attendance 90% of the days enrolled in school.
    • Must score 80% or higher on the examination for acceleration in order to receive credit for the course.

    Students in grades one through eight must score 80% on all core subject (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science) exams in order to be advanced to the next grade level.

    Students in grades nine through twelve may receive credit for a course when the student scores 80% or higher on the exam.  Students will still be required to take the STAAR End-of-Course exams for English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology and US History.  


    Study Guides

    Students may download the study guides from the University of Texas at Austin K-16 Education Center at  The TEKS may be downloaded at



    The district shall not charge for credit by examination for acceleration.  If a parent requests an alternative examination, the district may administer and recognize results of test(s) purchased by the parent of the student from Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Austin.


    High School Examinations Offered – Grades 9-12

    The district’s tests are purchased from the University of Texas at Austin K-12 Education Center and, in some instances, from the Texas Tech University’s Division of Extended Studies.  Test questions are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as dictated by the Texas Education Agency.  Online grading is available for most exams.  Online grading is not available for Career & Technology, ELA, Fine Arts & Speech, Foreign Language, Physical Ed., and Social Studies & Economics.

    Tests administered for course credit/acceleration are listed below:

    • Career & Technology:
      • Business Information Management – 1A, 1B
    • Fine Arts & Speech:
      • Art – 1A, 1B
      • Communication Applications
    • English Language Arts:
      • English 1* – 1A, 1B
      • English 2* – 2A, 2B
      • English 3 – 3A, 3B
      • English 4 – 4A, 4B
    • Mathematics:
      • Algebra 1* – 1A, 1B
      • Algebra 2 – 2A, 2B
      • Geometry – 1A, 1B
      • Pre-Calculus – 1A, 1B
    • Health and Physical Education:
      • Health 1
      • Phys. Ed. 1A – Foundation of Personal Fitness
      • Phys. Ed. 1B – Bowling/Cycling**
      • Phys. Ed. 1B – Bowling/Golf **
      • Phys. Ed. 1B – Bowling/Racquetball**
      • Phys. Ed. 1B – Cycling/Golf**
      • Phys. Ed. 1B – Golf/Racquetball**
      • Phys. Ed. 1B – Cycling/Racquetball**
    • Science:
      • Integrated Physics & Chemistry – 1A, 1B
      • Biology* – 1A, 1B
      • Chemistry – 1A, 1B
      • Physics – 1A, 1B
      • Environmental Systems – 1A, 1B
    • Languages Other Than English:
      • French  – 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
      • German – 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
      • Japanese – Year 1, Year 2
      • Korean – Year 1, Year 2
      • Mandarin Chinese – Yr. 1, Yr. 2 Simplified or Traditional
      • Spanish – 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B
      • Vietnamese – 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
    • Social Studies & Economics:
      • World Geography – 1A, 1B
      • World History – 1A, 1B
      • US History Studies since Reconstruction* – 1A, 1B
      • US Government
      • Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and It’s Benefits

    *Students earning credit for English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology and US History through Credit by Exam are still required to take the STAAR End-of Course Exams.

    **Proof of Participation Required